CacheAway Update v2.2.0 Coming With Settings


This app is growing day by day and users are really loving this. Users requested a simple clean all button and i add that in previous update and the whole app was also re written from scratch. Now i got some awesome feedback as well as feature suggestion from users. Hermes Junior reached out through contact email & gave 2 feautre suggestions. This is the first one and other one is a cache timer suggestion which i am thinking to add as a paid feature for future.

If you don’t have this app yet, download from Play Store.

What’s modified

More datails can be found in playstore.

v2.2.0 roll out process will start shortly after the premiere on 10:00 PM(IST) Aug 31, 2019.


CacheAway requires super user permission. So this only works in rooted devices. If you don’t have a rooted device please don’t install it and don’t write shit reviews. If your device is not rooted and you install the app & expect it to work, you are a dumb !

Download the app from Play Store. After installing when you first run the app (click on any clean button) it will ask for super user permission. There should be a popup asking to grant permission if your default mode is set to prompt (which is default by general).

If you missed the pop up or accidentally denied, please make sure to grant permission manually through magisk or super su. For general knowledge i use magisk in my device and it’s working absolutely fine.


Here are some full app screenshots :)

Screenshot-001 Screenshot-002 Screenshot-003 Screenshot-003


Here is the video demonstrating the upcoming changes, set a reminder for it !

Thanks for reading entire post. Hope you are enjoying CacheAway.

See you in future posts ;)

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